Client: GE Digital
Project: Interactive Media

Challenge: GE Digital needed an innovative way to highlight the security solutions offered on the Predix platform that resonated with their clients.

Cactex Media created two sales presentation applications – the “GE Security Challenge” and “Predix Security” apps. These applications let clients explore a 3D virtual industrial environment highlighting the key security challenges. They could defend their company against security threats and also explore the security solutions that are integrated within Predix. This allowed GE to speak to their clients about digital solutions and simultaneously show them in an industrial environment that resonated.

GE Digital was able to educate their clients using gamification and interactive 3D environments ultimately allowing GE Digital to show how GE Digital security safeguards information from start to finish.

Customized application that will integrate with current client website portals, desktop deployment and large touch screen installations.

Deployed in San Francisco, Singapore, and Mind + Machine GE tradeshows